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Sunday, May 6, 2001

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As of November 18, 2003,
the online serial comic Those Destined moved from this address to Pens and Tales, a webcomic community. I always had a good time here at 'Space, but being accepted into a Webcomic community unsolicited was an honor I couldn't refuse!

And since I had this wonderful address just sitting here, I figured I'd use it to host some of my older, sketchier comic endeavors (they used to be hosted on my even older website on Spaceports, a sort of geocity-type host. Eventually Spaceports realized I wasn't coming back and shut down the site.) Keenspace, now named Comic Genesis, has declared they won't shut down sites due to mere inactivity, because of the nature of comic archives and finished comic strips, so it seemed like an ideal situation.

I will continually tune up this site as I go. My original comic, The Quest for the Jade Monkey, is the main offering. It's a shamelessly self-centered piece featuring friends from a message board I used to frequent, and whom I have since fallen out of touch with.

If any of you veterans of the old Vaporeon's Pokecity message board come across this: Remember the good times, and keep on rockin', you crazy cats!

Nostalgia aside, I've been having some problems keeping this site functional. Like any properly motivated young person, I dealt with this by giving up and pretending this page didn't exist for a couple years. I'm fixing it now. Hopefully the changes I'm making right now will fix things up. If you can read this message, it probably worked.

Enjoy! And visit Those Destined at our new location.


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